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We will be closed the following days in 2018:

New Year's Day
Monday January 1

President's Day
Monday February 19

Good Friday
Friday March 30

Memorial Day
Monday May 28

Independence Day
Wednesday July 4

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Monday September 3

Thursday November 22
Friday November 23

Monday December 24
Tuesday December 25


Howard Sanders

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 131
Lexington, GA 30648

(706) 338-4674


  •  Investigation of Death and Pronouncement of Death in certain circumstances.


The Coroner is an elected, commissioned and qualified officer of the court. The Coroner holds a 4 year term. Newly elected Coroners attend a manotory 40 hour training their first year in office and then a 24 hour recertification every year thereafter.

The Coroner investigates when any person dies in any county in this state under the following circumstances:

  • As result of violence
  • By suicide or casualty
  • Suddenly when in apperent good health
  • When unattended by a physician
  • Any suspicious manner
  • Any children from birth to 16 years of age
  • Death of inmates that die within 24 hours of been admitted to a hospital
  • Any foul play or accidental death
  • Take charge of the body
  • Pronouncement of death on any of the above circumstances
  • Signing of Death Certificates,on manner and cause of death

The Coroner is an officer of the court and can hold a Coroner's Inquest and act as the Judge in these proceedings. The Coroner can serve as Sheriff, if the Sheriff is disqualified from acting in any proceeding if so ordered by the courts.

The Deputy Coroner is Howard Sanders. He holds the same qualifications and power as Coroner but can only act when the Coroner himself can not act or he is ordered to act at the Coroner's decrection.

The Coroner's Office does not bring revenue into the County, but by signing Death Cerificates, millions of dollars a year is sent to the people on Death Insurance Claims.

The Coroner's Office is a 24 hours, 7 days a week job. The Coroner's Office handles about 30 to 50 calls a year.